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Grinder Balancing

軸承加熱器 PY-1099


Grinder Balancing


*  Easy to OperateEasy To Learn

*  Go On Last Static Balance

*  Any Grinder Dynamic Balance

*  Built-In Rechargeable Battery


PY-2600 brings a new level of affordability and ease to do grinder balancing. It is now possible to completely implement a grinder balancing program, on-time and budget.


Key Features

*  Carry conveniently.

*  Simple to operating, portability design.

*  One plane dynamic balance measurement.

*  Balance capability 400~20000 rpm.

*  Balance method than faster the traditional on 10 times.

*  To reduce the processing of surface roughness and ripple.

*  Directly in the grinder doing dynamic balance correction.

*  Built-in rechargeable battery, continued power is longer standby time.

*  The best balance between until 0.01μm value quick to do a balancing measures.


Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the PY-2600 Grinder balancing is an extremely user-friendly that lets you take change of your balancing program easily and affordably.



*  PY-2600 Instrument ×1

*  Instruction Manual ×1

*  Sensor ×1

*  Suitcase ×1

*  cable ×1

*  Photo Electric Fiber-Optic ×1

*  Accelerometer (with MB504 Magnetic Mounting Base) ×1


Measurement Accurate and efficient

Due to serious machine vibrations commonly observed in the cutting processes, no obvious relationships are found among surface roughness, different rotational speeds of the same cutting machine and different feed rate of the same cutting tools. It is believed that if the machine vibration can be reduced via increasing the rigidity of the entire machine, the variance of experimental results can be reduced and therefore the more specific results can be obtained.



Three sliders on try angle, to test the object vibration measurement, to get an effective range of the frequency signal, must find the different frequency in the frequency range for doing vibration measurement on many times. Therefore, stability Test a longer amplitude cycle Achieves the stable sole oscillation amplitude (Figure 1), to reduce the harm caused by mechanical.


Specifications & Functions:

*  Amplitude Resolution : 0.01μm (@1800rpm)

*  Vibration Unit : Displacement (μm)

*  Phase Resolution : 0.1°

*  RPM Range : 400~20000 rpm

*  RPM Sensor : Photoelectric Fiber-Optic

*  Sensing Range : 5~10

*  Vibration Sensor : Accelerometer 100m V/g (typical)

*  Display: 128×64 dot Graphic LCD, LED Back-light

*  Power Consumption : 100~240 VAC 50/60Hz (Adaptor)

*  Battery : Rechargeable Battery

*  Power : 100~240 VAC 50/60Hz (Adaptor)

*  Size : 240×130×45 ()

*  Weight : 0.7