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About us

We have more than 25 years professional technology in precision spindle, and service a lot of Taiwan machine tool factories; By the profuse service experience with a keen market understanding very clear, researches and develops a series of precision spindle mounting 、 dismounting 、device。

Contains, PY-1099 series bearing heater,PY-500 series temperature of measuring instrument .......

At the same time, we also used to be TACO agent for micro-Lub system, the German special-purpose vegetative oil for oil mist lubrication of high speed spindle, the German high speed grease and low temperature persistent effect grease。

We have the best experience to design your spindle-room ,and the
richest lubrication suggestion to your product,and may be cooperate with you to set up the dry-type atomization cutting system.

Customer service

● Well-known machine tool manufacturers

台中精機Victor、台穩精密VTM(精機集團)、永進機械YCM、東台精機、協鴻工業HortFord、荷蘭商Hardinge、榮田精機、發得機械(遠東集團)、力勁機械L.K.、和大工業(高鋒集團)、艾格瑪精機、上一工業、喬福機械、銅翌機械DOWELL、上海建榮集團、合升精密機械GOUSHIN、德川機械Detron、丸榮機械、 富田電機FUKUTA…………等知名工具機大廠。

● Well-known spindle factory

普森主軸POSA、羅翌主軸Royal、旭泰主軸Spintech、睿瑩主軸Spinder、日紳主軸Neo、瑞典商SKF Taiwan精密技術中心、惟隆主軸、龍馬精密主軸、承紘主軸、飛浦FEPO主軸、大賀主軸、中洲主軸、宏福主軸、利成主軸、鉅瑞富主軸、弘碩A+主軸、上海丹銓、上海亞資………等知名主軸製造廠。

● Academic institutions